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Mental health & well-being

Training with NeurOptimal® helps improves brain flexibility which makes us stronger and more resilient. It helps us adapt more easily to situations around us, feel calmer, less reactive, and able to cope better with the challenges life throws at us. 

Neurofeedback brain training for all

At BrainFiT® Consultancy we offer support and training to all, regardless of age or your mental, physical, and emotional condition. NeurOptimal® is used by individuals who feel they are not functioning at their best, including many adults and children with severe impairments, who want a drug-free approach to feeling and functioning optimally.

Positive change in all aspects of your life

Because of the innovative way it works it can bring positive changes into all areas of your life, and often new competencies. It's non-evasive and 100% safe - and as the expertise is built into the system it requires very little input from you. You simply relax and enjoy the experience - knowing the focus of sessions is firmly on your training. 

Tackling the symptoms of diagnosed conditions with NeurOptimal®

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Helps your brain treat the core problem, not mask the symptoms

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback aims to help individuals improve emotional, behavioural and cognitive functioning by promoting optimal brain regulation and function. Since neurofeedback is based upon changing the brain directly through neuroplasticity and learning, it aims to actually treat the core problem rather than simply masking symptoms. This creates long-term shifts in brain/behaviour that stay with the user after the training has stopped. 

Many of the individuals and families who train with us at BrainFiT® are suffering from diagnosed conditions such as Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, PTSD and the Menopause - and are finding NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback a more natural way to alleviate the symptoms of their conditions.

The reason NeurOptimal® works for so many is that it is not a treatment. It doesn't require a diagnosis, nor does it not target any specific issue, instead it works dynamically with your brain across all areas of your Central Nervous System so your brain can adjust itself and make the changes that are relevant to you. Because of the innovative way it works many beneficial outcomes can emerge that are appropriate to the user.  Examples include:

  • Increased positivity, better mood

  • Feeling stronger, more resilient

  • Coping better

  • Enhanced ability to focus on individual tasks and improved concentration

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Less overwhelmed

  • Ability to multi-task

  • Easier to cope with change

  • Slow effects of ageing

  • Clear mind, eliminating brain fog

  • Improved memory

  • Faster recall of information

  • Fighting stress

  • Reducing symptoms of menopause (particularly brain fog, memory loss, mood and night sweats)

Is your brain under or over aroused?

Your brain state or the degree of brain stimulation at any one time, can dramatically affect your quality of life. Training helps your brain to recognise where it is under or over stimulated in certain states, and it responds by adjusting itself appropriately. Over time your brain learns to do this more naturally to avoid dramatic shifts in states so your brain moves fluidly between tasks and you start to feel a whole lot better.

Individuals experiencing symptoms of under-arousal tend to have excess theta brain waves and decreased beta brain waves.

Examples of an ‘under-aroused’ brain:

  • ADHD 

  • Poor concentration

  • Inattentive

  • Distractibility

  • Frequent day dreaming

  • Spaciness/ fogginess

  • Forgetful

  • Lack of motivation

  • Depression/ low mood

  • Lethargy

  • Sensitive/ feelings easily hurt

  • Frequent wake at night

  • Not feeling rested after sleep

  • Falls asleep in low stimulation situations

  • Low self-esteem


Individuals experiencing symptoms of over-arousal tend to have excess beta brain waves and decreased Sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) brain waves. Improving efficiency allows the mind and body to be more relaxed and calmer, yet alert at the same time.


Examples of an ‘over-aroused’ brain:​

  • Busy mind/ many competing thoughts

  • Impulsive

  • Fidgety

  • Hyperactive

  • Easily bored

  • Risk seeker

  • Impatient

  • Agitated

  • Aggressive

  • Anxious/ fearful

  • Tense

  • Feel overwhelmed

  • Frequent tension headaches

  • Holds resentments

  • Difficulty falling asleep

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above on a consistent or regular basis; Or a mixture of both, then NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training could provide a pathway to a steadier, more effective and productive daily life, with more manageable moods, emotions and behaviours.

*Currently available to clients based in London and the South East

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