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Rent NeurOptimal® 
for your home or business

Fully supported by your dedicated expert at BrainFiT®

The NeurOptimal® advanced brain training system is the World's only dynamic Neurofeedback system designed for both professional and home useAt BrainFiT® we offer a competitive choice of rental packages to suit your business needs, or your personal goals and budget. If you're unsure what your requirements are, we'd love you to get in touch so we can discuss your training needs, or book you in for a complimentary session.*
*Available in London or the South East.
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Rent NeurOptimal® and enjoy professional brain training in the comfort of your own home,
and your own time. 

100% safe and easy to use - the unique technology from NeurOptimal® has all the expertise built in, so you can enjoy the same quality of training whether you train with us, or in the comfort of your own home.


On your marks, get set, train... 

Our rental packages include everything you need to get started. Delivered to your door, we can guide you through the set up, and have you training within minutes. Our dedicated team will be on hand throughout your rental for any help you need, and check-in at key milestones to help you get the most from your training.

Safe for everyday, and all the household 

With our unlimited packages there are no restrictions on the number of sessions you can have, or users. And since NeurOptimal® is a training, not a treatment, it's safe for all the family to use. The most convenient, and cost effective way to train your brain.

Therapy session

Considering NeurOptimal®
for your office or practise?

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback can be used to enhance therapies, treatments and Wellness programmes, or on its own to add value to your current business, or Client service offering.

No prior expertise necessary
We offer certification courses, but no degree or major qualifications are required, so with a little investment you can be up and running professional brain-training within days.

Unlimited sessions, unlimited users
Our competitive rental packages come with an unlimited number of sessions and no restrictions on the number of users. So  everyone can benefit from  optimal brain performance.


Teen Psychologist







Excluding delivery & Ins

Limited to 15 sessions and single user





Excluding delivery & Ins

Unlimited sessions
Unlimited users





Excluding delivery & Ins





Excluding delivery & Ins

Top up and maintain your peak







Excluding delivery & Ins

Professional use Unlimited sessions
and users
Unlimited sessions Unlimited users

Perfect if your training goal is simply to feel better

Get the most from your training with our most cost effective training solution - especially for families and couples

Best value for more established training. Recommended for users tackling symptoms of serious conditions

A great way top up your training and keep your brain functioning at optimum levels through a challenging time, or following illness.

Benefit from an additional revenue with high return by adding NeurOptimal® brain training to your existing list of client services.

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